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Helloween (Discografia)

Helloween es un grupo alemán de Heavy metal/Power metal originarios de Hamburgo, fundada en el año 1983 por Kai Hansen y Piet Sielck. Helloween es considerado como precursor importante del género.
Todo comienza cuando Kai Hansen y Piet Sielck forman una banda en 1978 llamada "Gentry". En 1981 cambiaron el nombre a "Second Hell" y reclutaron al baterista Ingo Schwichtenberg y al bajista Markus Grosskopf, quienes de hace tiempo estaban desempeñando una banda llamada Traumschiff. En 1982 Piet Sielck (quien más tarde fundaría Iron Savior), abandona Second Hell y la banda cambia su nombre a Iron Fist. En 1984 un sello independiente llamado Noise Records, invitaría a la banda para grabar dos temas para el nuevo Death Metal,una compilación hecha junto con otras bandas como Running Wild, Dark Avenger y Hellhammer. La banda no estaba satisfecha con la idea de llamarse Iron Fist y cambian el nombre a "Helloween". Ingo Schwichtenberg tuvo la idea de reemplazar la letra "o" por una calabaza, también elaborar obras con imágenes de calabazas, lo que se convertiría en una de las marcas más importantes del grupo.

(1986) Walls of Jericho


1. Starlight
2. Murderer
3. Warrior
4. Victim Of Fate
5. Cry For Freedom
6. Walls Of Jericho
7. Ride The Sky
8. Reptile
9. Guardians
10. Phantoms Of Death
11. Metal Invaders
12. Gorgar
13. Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
14. How Many Tears
15. Judas

(1987) Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1


1. Initiation
2. I'm Alive
3. A Little Time
4. Twilight of the Gods
5. A Tale That Wasn't Right
6. Future World
7. Halloween
8. Follow the Sign

(1988) Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2


1. Invitation
2. Eagle Fly Free
3. You Always Walk Alone
4. Rise And Fall
5. Dr. Stein
6. We Got The Right
7. March Of Time
8. I Want Out
9. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
10. Save Us

(1991) Pink Bubbles Go Ape


1. Pink Bubbles Go Ape
2. Kids of the Century
3. Back on the Streets
4. Number One
5. Heavy Metal Hamsters
6. Goin' Home
7. Someone's Crying
8. Mankind
9. I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man
10. The Chance
11. Your Turn

(1993) Chameleon


1. First Time
2. When The Sinner
3. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
4. Crazy Cat
5. Giants
6. Windmill
7. Revolution Now
8. In The Night
9. Music
10. Step Out Of Hell
11. I Believe
12. Longing

(1994) Master Of The Rings


1. Irritation
2. Sole Survivor
3. Where the Rain Grows
4. Why?
5. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)
6. Perfect Gentleman
7. The Game is On
8. Secret Alibi
9. Take Me Home
10. In the Middle of a Heartbeat
11. Still We Go

(1996) The Time Of The Oath


1. We Burn
2. Steel Tormentor
3. Wake Up the Mountain
4. Power
5. Forever and One (Neverland)
6. Before the War
7. A Million to One
8. Anything My Mama Don't Like
9. Kings Will Be Kings
10. Mission Motherland
11. If I Knew
12. The Time of the Oath


(1998) Better Than Raw


1. Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude Period In Z
2. Push
3. Falling Higher
4. Hey Lord!
5. Don't Spit On My Mind
6. Revelation
7. Time
8. I Can
9. A Handful Of Pain
10. Lavdate Dominvm
11. Back On The Ground
12. Midnight Sun

(2000) The Dark Ride


1. Beyond the Portal
2. Mr. Torture
3. All Over the Nations
4. Escalation 666
5. Mirror Mirror
6. If I Could Fly
7. Salvation
8. The Departed (Sun is Going Down)
9. I Live For Your Pain
10. We Damn the Night
11. Immortal
12. The Dark Ride

(2003) Rabbit Don't Come Easy


1. Just a Little Sign
2. Open Your Life
3. The Tune
4. Never be a Star
5. Liar
6. Sun 4 the World
7. Don't Stop Being Crazy
8. Do You Feel Good
9. Hell Was Made in Heaven
10. Back Against the Wall
11. Listen to the Flies

(2005) Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy


1. The King for a 1000 Years
2. The Invisible Man
3. Born on Judgment Day
4. Pleasure Drone
5. Mrs. God
6. Silent Rain
7. Occasion Avenue
8. Light the Universe
9. Do You Know What You're Fighting For?
10. Come Alive
11. Shade in the Shadow
12. Get It Up
13. My Life For One More Day

(2007) Gambling With The Devil


1. The Riddle (Intro)
2. Kill It
3. The Saints
4. As Long As I Fall
5. Paint A New World
6. Final Fortune
7. The Bells Of The Seven Hells
8. Fallen To Pieces
9. I.M.E.
10. Can Do It
11. Dreambound
12. Heaven Tells No Lies


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